Young Leader Program

 COFICO with the aspiration “Building people – Building dreams” has continuously organized series of training sessions to Young Leaders Programme started at the beginning of 2014 welcoming to the honorable guest as Mr. Alian Cany – Chairman of Jardine Matheson Group in Vietnam, Mr. Thomas Ho – CEO of Gammon & Member of BOD of COFICO and Mr. Archibald David Keswick – CEO of Pizza Hut Vietnam to share experiences and effective management skills of the international groups.


Mr. Le Dang Xu – Chairman & CEO of COFICO, guest speaker Mr. Archibald David Keswick – CEO of Pizza Hut VN and young leaders at the breakfast gathering.


Mr. Le Dang Xu – Chairman & CEO of COFICO at the gathering

COFICO young leaders have learnt many practical experiences from the training sessions, clearly know about partners and COFICO as well; And from then, they acknowledge concisely how to build their dreams, to build COFICO attaining a higher caliber, being more efficient in all aspects and ready to confront challenges in the fierce competitive market among local and international construction enterprises, and to successfully complete mega projects with good profitability so that who are working at COFICO having better livings.


Mr. Alain Cany delivered a speech regarding to history of Jardine Matheson Group and their experiences in Vietnam


Mr. Thomas Ho discussed about Gammon’s branding power and contributed to COFICO‘s strategy



Mr. Thomas Ho with the topic “Without customers a company can’t survive, without profit no company can exist”


Mr. Archibald David Keswick – CEO of Pizza Hut VN discussed about HR development strategy, especially young leaders’ career development


Mr. Le Dang Vinh – Director of Corporate Strategy and Finance of COFICO presented about BIM Center’s activities within the past 6 months

Through the programme, Mr. Le Dang Xu desires to convey the message to all COFICO young leaders: ”Always preserve the company’s core value being Respect – Trust – Teamwork – Safety, those have shaped the company’s culture and when we live up to those, it means WE ARE COFICO. Besides, always remain humble to continuously learn the innovating changes to promote company’s development. Specially, we will accord priority to develop BIM across the company with the awareness BIM – CHANGING OUR COMPANY”