Environment Protection

Construction Industry substantially contributed into the course of the national socio-economic development, especially in a developing nation of Vietnam. However, constructions consume many natural resources such as minerals, soil, sands, rocks, water, etc. Deeply-aware of a construction company’s responsibility in protecting the environment, COFICO has continuously supported programs related to construction environment improvement in order to contribute to a better society.

With continuous efforts and contributions, COFICO has successfully implement Environmental management system in Construction Industry ISO 14001:2004/ Cor.1: 2009/ TCVN ISO 14001:2010, committing to:

1. Promote environmental protection management activities

  • COFICO considers environmental protection its major activities and frequently promotes environment activities along side with business activities.
  • COFICO engages in evaluations of environmental effects of production/ business activities base on specific criteria to minimizie environmental effects and prevent pollutions.
  • COFICO always comply with Vietnam laws, local regulations and requirements of any stakeholders with regards to environmental issues.
  • COFICO frequently organizes activities (training courses) to enhance environmental knowledge for all of its staffs. It also calls for funding to finance environmental protections programs using relevant activities.

2. Provide environmental friendly products

  • Being aware of the scarce resources problem, COFICO always makes uses of its available technological, financicial and high-quality human resources to research and apply programs in energy saving, pollution prevention, waste controls and minimization, economical/ reasonable usages materials and other resources in the construction processes.

3. Be responsible as a member of the international community

  • COFICO commits to provide the society with environmental friendly services and products.
  • Hedging the global trend, COFICO puts efforts in designing and constructing green constructions with 04 principals: (1) Save and use energy economically; (2) Save and recycle construction materials; (3) Save and recycle water resources; (4) Ecosystem and soil preservations.
  • In order to help the society understand more about COFICO’s environment activities, the Company commits to keep every environment activity transparent via mass media channels.