Mr. Le Dang Xu

Chairman of the Board
Executive Chairman of COFICO

Mr. Thomas On Sing Ho

Member of the Board
Chief Executive Officer Gammon Construction Limited (Hongkong)

Mr. Makoto Nagao

Member of the Board Director
Executive Vice President Strategic Business Development Division - International Operations

Mr Hee Wee Tan

Member of the Board
Chief Executive Director for Gammon Pte. Limited & Gammon Construction Limited Singapore

Mr. Tran Le Nguyen

Member of the Board
Deputy Chairman of the Board - Chief Executive Officer Kinh Do Group

Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Kieu

Member of the Board
Chief of Financial Accounting Department - Chief Accountant of COFICO


Mr. Le Dang Xu

Executive Chairman

Joining COFICO’s Management Board since 1991, Mr. Le Dang Xu became the Company’s Executive Director in 1997. In 2006, when COFICO was equitized, Mr. Le Dang Xu was elected as the Chairman of the Board and continued his position with the title Chief Executive Officer.

Under his leadership, COFICO has reaped many successes, becomes one of the leading construction corporations in Vietnam and cooperates with many international construction corporations, whichenhance COFICO’s advantages when implementing beyond border projects in surrounding countries/ territories.

Mr. Le Dang Vinh

General Director

Graduated from New South Wales University (Bachelor) and Hawaii University (Master). He is the pioneer in the application of BIM technologies into COFICO’s projects management systems. Before joining COFICO, he was the Investment Director of VinaCapital Real Estate, one of the leading companies in real-estates investments and developments in Vietnam, which specializes in managing investments and developing different high-stake real estate projects.

Mr. Ngo Huy Viet

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Joining COFICO since 1982, Mr. Ngo Huy Viet is currently managing Construction Technology Division. He possesses over 30 years of experiences and devotes himself to the Company by contributing many techical solutions that are effective and relevant to COFICO’s projects and thus, help reduce construction time and costs. Specific solutions applied to COFICO’s construction works: Top down for Vietcombank Project, Semi top down for An Phu Plaza Project, The Prince Project; Neo for Aiport Plaza; CDM for Crowne Plaza Project, etc.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Viet

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Joining COFICO’s Management Board since the beginning of 1990, Mr. Nguyen Hong Viet has devoted himself to the Company’s development. He is currently COFICO’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, in charge for the Business Development and Construction Management in the North market. Many COFICO’s typical construction works have credited his contributions, such as: Daewoo Hotel; the United Nations school…etc.

Mr. Nguyen Huu

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Joining COFICO since 2005, Mr. Nguyen Huu is currently managing Project Management Office (PMO) of Cofico. His main duty is commercial, contract, purchasing controlling to ensure the project budget control and to protect interest properly between our company and partners as client, subcontractor and suppliers as well. Mr Huu has involved in direct management for these major projects such as: Saigon Pearl, Vietcombank Tower, Gateway Thaodien…

Mr Nguyen Vu Thach

Deputy General Director – In Charge Of Construction Works

Graduated form the University of Polytechnic of Hochiminh City since 2001, Thach has started his career in construction with site supervisor position for some big projects such as: Mercedes Ben Vietnam factory, PEB steel manufacturing factory, Dung Quat Refinery factory. In 2009, he joined Cofico as Site Manager for Saigon Pearl luxury apartment and Binh Duong Hospital projects. The BOD has highly appreciated his capability and appointed Thach to manage numerous complex projects such as Viettel HQ, 58 Truong Dinh office, Vista Verde Condominium…

In 2018, Thach has been promoted to be the Deputy General Director – In charge of Construction works of Cofico.