After 40 years of establishment and development, COFICO has always delivered professional, quality working environment and opportunities to each and every staff to express their capabilities. COFICO believes each person is a scarce resource that helps COFICO differentiate.

At COFICO, your career will develop along with the Company’s success. COFICO offers a friendly, fair and open-sharing environment to every new member, where they are listened and respected. This is perfect for any newcomers.

Each of COFICO’s staff has his/ her own clear career path; this is the challenge as well as chance for each staff to take advantage of and concentrate to progress in their career.

Moreover, COFICO always focuses on the off-the-job life of every staff in COFICO’s family. The Company frequently organizes internal programs such as International Children Day, Women Day, Vietnam Family Day, Football, Sport Events, etc. for its staffs.

With modern and scientific recruitment management processes, candidates’ profiles will be filtered and evaluated base on transparent and standard criteria, COFICO Human Resources Department was honored to receive ISO 9001:2008.


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