Training Center

COFICO Training Center located in the central HCMC, has officially operated since August 2011. Subject to the qualified human resource development – training strategy, it is constructed by Construction Joint Stock Company No.1 – COFICO to timely adapt the need to access such current management systems of HSE and quality control in developed countries as: OHSAS, 18001, ISO 9001:2008…Simultaneously, the employees’ awareness of safety as well as quality in construction activities will be improved.
In the whole country, COFICO Training Center is the first professional safety training centre established by a contractor. With an area of approximately 1.000m², the center has 3 training rooms, a showroom to introduce safety measures, instruments, handsets specialized in construction and a yard over 400m² to serve practical activities with actual specific topics.
Safety Training

Training Center with the slogan “Knowledge is power” has affirmed COFICO core value  to appreciate and respect the intellectual power in our business operations. As the aim to build a safe working environment, minimize accidents and have no fatalities, COFICO Training Center establishing event has proved our profound consideration for labor safety issue to fulfill knowledge and necessary skills to all employees.