Hoya Lens Factory Site – Overcome The Covid-19 Pandemic

The last day of march 2020 mark an important milestone of the Hoya Lens Quang Ngai project when COFICO team speed up for the full completion of the entire project following approved schedule.  


The project is a lens factory located in VSIP Industrial Park, Quang Ngai Province, with a total floor area of about 75,000 m2. COFICO was selected as the General Contractor of Design & Construction (D&B) for HOYA brand, which is really an honour and great pleasure for the whole company. Therefore, our team members have dedicated to the most effective management and execution of the project.   More challenging, when the project was in the urgent stage of handing over and full completion, there came the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. However, our site team has actively cope with timely gathering of supplies and equipments. At the same time encourage workers to return to work early before Lunar New Year and our Management has directed the application of thorough measures to prevent the outbreak, provide adequate protective equipments early, so up to now, everything is going smoothly and as planned.






HOYA – a prestigious corporation of Japan and a global brand, COFICO – a leading contractor; this combination has formed the HOYA LENS factory, which helps create jobs for thousands of workers and a large source of revenue for the local budget. From here will produce world-class products of Japanese standards, for exports around the world.   For COFICO, the success of Hoya Lens project comes partly from the active leadership of the Management, as well as the relentless efforts of our teams on site coming from all parts of the country, at different ages, graduating from different schools, but the predestined relationship with the construction industry has brought the team together. More specifically, when they are colleagues at COFICO, and they are sharing the same beautiful goal of successfully building this project.

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