Building back stronger after Tet Holidays on Thu Thiem River Park site

Few days just before the Lunar New Year of the Year 2020, COFICO team solemnly held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Thu Thiem River Park project. This is an enormous project, located in a prime location of Thu Thiem New Urban Area, and its scale included 1 basement, 4 podiums and 3 towers from 12-18 floors with more than 100,000 m2 of CFA​​. Due to the extremely critical and urgent time, the construction site management team has accelerated the progress of ground excavation, gathering machinery for following construction stages. Thanks to this proactive preparation, the construction progress was humming again on the site with many workers and machinery on the 6th day of the New Year, immediately after Tet holiday. In another hand, recognizing the outbreak of Corona virus epidemic at the same time, COFICO’s Safety Department has strictly and timely implemented preventive measures at the headquarter as well as at the construction sites. The Board of Management of Thu Thiem River Park project has implemented preventing epidemic tasks such as providing masks, distributing leaflets contenting preventive measures and how to deal with diseases as well as temperature daily checking for all employees working at the site. To be known as one of the longest history main contractors in Vietnam, COFICO has been trusted and provided value opportunities to cooperate with many large and prestigious national and international property developers. And in this current tranquil context of the market, the energetic and lively atmosphere at Thu Thiem River Park is a highlight that further affirms the reputation of COFICO in the market.

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