COFICO Trade Union Held Charity Activities

In 26th May 2013, COFICO’s Labour and Youth Union have organized a charity trip to Thuan Nghia Hoa Commune, Long An Province for visiting and giving gifts to 200 students and 10 poor families by contributing funds from all company staff.


Departuring at 6:00am, over nearly 160km, the charity convoy had reached its first stop point: Thuan Nghia Hoa Elementary School. In here, they visited and gave gifts for 200 pupils, also, spending extra 2 hours for holding and organizing some playful activities for the locals. These acts carried the idea of sharing and spreading joyful spirit to rural children.


The second stop after THUAN NGHIA HOA elementary school was the visit at 10 poverty families in local area and most of these selected families were single elderly. The visit ended within same day and travel back into HCMC, they promised to themselves meaningful charity trips like this would be held many more time later in the near future.


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