Inauguration and Hangdover HausNeo EZ Land Apartments Ceremony

On August 10, 2019, the investor EZLAND carried out “THE INAUGURATION AND HANGDOVER OF HAUSNEO APARTMENTS CEREMONY” which was exceeding the schedule compared to the original plan. With the Bauhaus architectural differences and also one of the current outstanding projects of apartment groups in the East of Saigon distributed by UniHomes Real Estate Joint Stock Company, HausNeo’s Inauguration Ceremony is considered as a completion of  “A dream home” of the residential community, bringing home to every family. BMI 004 BMI 002 BMI 003 In the solemn atmosphere, the Inauguration Ceremony and Handover of HausNeo Apartments took place with the participation of EZLAND’s leaders, and representatives of COFICO, the main contractor, as well as partners. This is an important milestone in the process of completing the HausNeo apartment project and affirming COFICO’s professional and prestigious project development capacity as a general contractor in Vietnam’s real estate market. The leaders of EZLAND also sends theirs gratitude to the relentless efforts of the entire supervisory and construction staff who have done the work excellently.BMI 007 BMI 006 At the event, CEO of EZ Land – Olivier Do Ngoc, Dung shared: “Through 5 years of operation in the field of real estate investment and trading, EZ Land is known as a reputable and transparent investor and dedicated to the community. For HausNeo project, we are always notice every small detail from construction to finishing aiming to ensure the best quality for the project. Looking back on the results, I am extremely proud and happy because of the proven efforts of our first project in Vietnam – HausNeo“. BMI 009 Du-an-Hausneo-duoc-cap-chung-nhan-Cong-trinh-xanh-EDGE-14-1566369315-388-width660height440 At the Handover Ceremony, customers who choose and own HausNeo have highly appreciated the investor handing over the house as planned. In addition, construction quality such as walls, gypsum ceiling, wooden doors … also create peace of mind for customers when moving in. Many customers commented that they were satisfied with the whole utility suitable for the family’s life. BMI 008 The school system at all levels and universities is expected to be in the surrounding areas, convenient for the learning needs of children. In addition, the walkway around the regulating lake as well as the square area are suitable for older people to walk and exercise in every afternoon. This will be a fresh and peaceful place for the whole family to reside and settle. BMI 005 In addition, due to satisfy the strict criteria of effective use of natural resources in project deployment and construction, HausNeo was honored to receive the EDGE Certificate (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) from World Bank Group. This is an award that the World Bank Organization evaluates based on the Energy, Water and Energy criteria contained in Materials for projects that aim to minimize resource consumption. According to research, green building investment requires a large investment. Therefore, in the mid-range and low-end segments, it is very rare for investors to pay attention, although this is the most energy-consuming and most environmental-impact segment. However, there are still hightlight spots like EZ Land with the application of green solutions to the mid-range HausNeo apartment project. Accordingly, HausNeo apartment project achieved average savings of 28% energy, 32% water and 45% energy content. These indicators are evaluated by SGS Vietnam as the highest in the mid-range apartment segment in Ho Chi Minh City. According to Mr. Do Ngoc Olivier, Dung (EZ Land Vietnam Representative): “At the present time, many people still do not really understand the green building. Therefore, EDGE certification has a great meaning to change the perception and reinforce residents’ beliefs. At the same time, this is also evidence for us to affirm the reputation of EZ Land through the first project – HausNeo“. Du-an-Hausneo-duoc-cap-chung-nhan-Cong-trinh-xanh-EDGE-13-1566369315-170-width660height374 He also said that in order to meet the strict standards of selecting and using construction materials for the project, the Investor must be really enthusiastic. With HausNeo, EZ Land is always ready to do what is possible for the benefit of customers and corporate responsibility. This is also the core value that Investor EZ Land wants to aim at building a solid foundation for Vietnamese families, like small hummingbirds but always trying and persisting for the purpose of them.  

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