BIM (Building Information Modeling)

BIM (Building Information Modeling) – Building Information Modeling is the latest and priority trend of the construction industry in Vietnam in particular and around the world. BIM is a new concept that allowed us to conduct virtual construction before the actual works. In this way, the stakeholders involved in the project may consider and evaluate the effectiveness of the work before embarking on the real construction, solve the problems (difficulties) which involved in the original design of the project, saving time, cost, and environment.

Understanding this trend, since 09/2013, Cofico leadership has envisioned and established BIM Center and, step by step, applied the BIM process into operations from design, tendering, and tosite construction management. This implementation process benefits from the support of Maeda – a major shareholder of COFICO. BIM currently makes breakthrough changes in COFICO project; hence, it benefits the investor the best works: safety, enhance quality, accelerate progress.

“Continuous research, explore and learn, COFICO step by step builds up the standard BIM application process in the fields of the company activities. The first achievement of BIM CENTER engineering team is to deploy successfully  Grace Church (Singapore) of Singapore Gammon Construction Company. This project was honored with the award “Gold Award BIM” MOC Singapore (BCA) awarded to date 10/2014. Also in 2014 with the support of the Group Maeda (Japan), COFICO experimented Autodesk BIM 360 Field Solutions ® in safety management and quality management in projects”

Combining the utility of the outstanding features of BIM such as lively 3D modeling, design flexibility , construction schedule updating and cost control with our years of the knowledge and experience in construction industry, COFICO believes that we will be an effective strategic partner and trusted in the project development for all investors.